Entangle Docs

Why Entangle

Entangle develops novel omnichain solutions to solve current problems in DeFi such as:
  • Siloed & Illiquid Capital
  • Capital Inefficiency for Liquidity Providers
  • Lack of Sticky Liquidity
  • Expensive Oracle Solutions forcing many dApps to rely on centralized scripts
Entangle transforms liquidity provision and subsequent rewards into an accessible and pleasant experience setting the foundation for improving user adoption. Entangle achieves this through a user friendly interface of a limit-order-book DEX called "Internal DEX", where users can exchange between USDC and Liquid Vaults (Liquid Staking Derivatives of cross-chain Liquidity Provisioning Assets).
Cross-chain functionality is a core component of DeFi which Entangle simplifies so scalable, trustless transactions can supplement interactivity.
Removing barriers of user accessibility indirectly helps to solve the problem of Siloed Liquidity, as Liquid Vaults allow users to provide liquidity to any protocol on any chain in one click from their base chain. User will not have to go through a multitude of hurdles such as creating new wallets, add new RPC Networks, bridge assets and auto-compound their positions daily for maximum rewards.
In liquifying capital and improving capital efficiency Entangle creates an environment with the following features:
  • Liquid Vaults can be "recycled" and staked to derivatives protocols such as perpetuals or options protocols on any chain. Users can gain additional revenue to liquidity provisioning, and derivatives protocols benefit from capturing enhanced liquidity for additional cross-chain use cases
Securing the Entangle dApps is the Entangle Oracle Solution validated on the Entangle Blockchain. The Oracle solution is offered to external developers and protocols to help alleviate the current problems associated with oracles:
  • Inaccessibility on every chain
  • Inadequate flexibility nor complex information processing possibilities
  • Too expensive, often forces developers to rely on a centralized script and risk hacking
In solving these problems, The Entangle Oracle infrastructure is built with flexibility at the root, allowing full customizability of logic and parameters
Entangle achieves this by hosting the Oracle Solution on an Oracle-Centric Cosmos based Blockchain (includes IBC transferability and EVM compatibility), pivoting from the traditional Oracle approach of launching On-Chain Spotter Contracts, which have proven to be both limited in flexibility and costly.

Who is Entangle for?

Throughout the different product offerings Entangle caters for
  • DeFi Natives & New Users
  • Layer1, Layer2s
  • DEXes
  • Protocols
  • Developers