Entangle Docs


Entangle envisions a barrier-free future where protocols on every chain are interconnected, reducing the inherent complexities of DeFi from a user and developer perspective.
To usher in a new generation of DeFi dApps, Entangle builds an interoperable cross-chain liquidity sub-layer with a custom oracle solution to power a native dApp, Liquid Vaults.
Through Liquid Vaults, Entangle employs Liquid Staking Derivatives to allow liquidity position assets on any chain to be accessible from any chain in one click.
Liquid Vaults are 1:1 cross-chain replications of liquidity provision assets (i.e LPs as Synthetic LPs) which can be staked as collateral to derivative protocols for enhanced yield, or further used as collateral in lending & borrowing protocols. In doing so, Entangle achieves capital efficiency for users whilst incentivizing sticky liquidity for protocols.
Supporting the Entangle dApps is a Custom Oracle Infrastructure validated on an Oracle-Centric Blockchain (DPoS Cosmos-SDK EVM Compatible) using the Tendermint algorithm to achieve consensus amongst Validators.
The Oracle solution can be also utilised by external dApps, offering competitive advantages such as usability on any chain, cost optimization through customization of parameters and possibilities of complex information processing.
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