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Entangle Distributed Oracle Solution

Entangle Distributed Oracle Solution are validated on the Entangle Blockchain, opening up a variety of possibilities not offered by Traditional Oracle Solutions.
Entangle provides a SDK for Developers (Q2-Q3) wishing to integrate Entangle Oracle Solution for their dApp(s). 3rd party Developers/dApps can integrate Entangle Oracle Solution within their dApp to request
  • Decentralized aggregation of verifiable information within Off/On-Chain and Omnichain Environments
  • Oracle Automation Solution on any Chain
  • Deliverance of Information with environmental characteristics
(Traditional Oracle Solution often limit the quality of data which can be delivered on-chain. Yes/No answers can be delivered, while background environmental information around Yes/No answers can often not be delivered)
  • Complex On-Chain Information Processing (On Entangle Blockchain)
  • Off-Chain Computation
  • Store Information On-Chain
A diagram below illustrates a high level overview of the Entangle Distributed Oracle Solution:
Entangle Distributed Oracle Solution includes different participants with different roles:
  • Full Node Runners & Validators
  • Distributors (3rd Party Developers requesting Entangle Distributed Oracle Solution)
  • Keepers (Participants aggregating data)